"a Contextual Monolithic"

From "Models of Variable Resolution" a core SCI-Arc studio by Florencia Pita

Credits on all design and production are shared with Huijin Zheng

Resolution, understood in the sense of images, is the fineness of a raster grid (in the form of pixels) that determines the legibility of information. This Project couples this with an idea about Contextual Resolution, where image information from the immediate and distant context of the city is referenced in the overall form and articulation of the mass.  A “Weird Contextualism” ensues.

The project is composed of three discrete elements: an exterior monolith massing, an interior ruin-like massing, and extruded pixels that bind them acting as structure and ornament.  Each element extracts data from the site’s immediate context to generate its form making the entire project highly contextual.

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