Design Development

an applied studies course at SCI-Arc by Herwig Baumgartner (B+U) & Brian Zamora (Gehry Technologies)


All credits in design and production on this project are shared with: Majeda Alhinai, Jinhee Kim, Stanley Lin, and Xiaonan Yang.

This semester we will take a new approach to Design Development as it is conventionally understood in practice. Our approach will be a disciplinary one, where we challenge representation and search for relevancy in an era where documentation of design and manufacturing are in flux and are increasingly based on three-dimensional live data. While BIM is an important development in this regard, our aim is to re-think how we can envision and communicate design in innovative ways which exceed the design object itself. 

We will re-­consider drawing in terms of plastic surgery and magnetic resonance imaging, where things can be hacked apart, peeled away, cut away, sliced, and exploded. Cuts will no longer be flat as in conventional plans and sections, but will be warped and active. We will combine multiple ontologies into the discussion, where things may be represented in terms of their profile, silhouette, internal organization, energy, action on other things, depletion, integration, and dis­integration all at the same time. 

The primary part of our work will be Mega Drawing which will contain different views, chunks, components, sizes, descriptions, energies, systems, vantage points, transparencies, materials, colors, scales, and so on. A point of departure will be the genre of meticulous aerospace and military drawings, although we will also consider approaches from fine art such a Damien Hirst and so on. This drawing will be approximately 10’ long and will require new ways of working as a group as well as new logics of representation.