a core studio by Marcelo Spina 

[Credit on all design & production shared w/ Colin Jacobs]

This project is an exploration of the in-between form existent between a built and found object. The Countryside has always been a site for innovation building with or without the presence of architecture; The Elbulli Creativity Campus becomes a medium for exploring speculative realism, monolithicity, and muteness.  Can the architect(s) design a site plan with all objects reading as homogeneous while creating objects that are true to the desired aesthetic but also unique in their own right?

The urban plan of the campus was understood and approached as a family of clustered masses.  Masses that share the same aesthetic characteristics and moments of direct profile-esque interaction while creating a part to whole language in which particular pieces take focus and enter further tectonic development as others take a supporting role.  

Tectonic aspects of the project were approached from a vernacular sampling with intention of creating confounding affect. From each scale the objects embrace a different characteristic, the monolithic, the in-between, and the mysterious tectonic.  At all scales the built and found aesthetics of the objects are confounded.  From the furthest scale it becomes difficult to distinguish between the mountainous landscape and the rocky Elbuilli Creativity Campus.  As you move closer to the objects their tectonic elements and details start to reveal themselves. Are they built through tectonic construction or are they bumps , cracks  and  textures  pre-existent on found objects?  

These Dis-Appearances become the driving force of the project as the representation questions the authentic versus the speculative real.