Hidden in Plain Sight

a visual studies course by Elena Manferdini

All credits of this project are shared with: Oscar Abrahamsson

The Project Closely analyzse examples of “camouflage” techniques: geometric abstract-pop art vs. biomorphic realistic expressionism.  The seminar focused on the tactical elements that enabled this body of work to create specific optical effects (rather than on their relative artistic contents or historical positioining) and the project unraveled the underpinning strategies used in these two painterly approaches to trigger viewers’ simultaneous reading of a figure against its environment.  

Such case studies will be used as a benchmark to inform the production of contemporary envelopes and their relationships to the context.  The seminar discussed the co-mingling of true and synthetic materials, texture and surface finishes and their role in the creation of an effect.  Ideas about figure and background and their visual reading and simulation are central to the project, inviting the students to question what is ‘real’ and what is not.