[a Pop up Performance theatre]

From "Pop-corn: undefined form" a studio by Hernan Diaz Alonso & Ivan Bernal

The possibility to use literal Popcorn, as a method of analysis, production, behavior and accumulation, should serve as a “fun Platform” to overcome the stiff attitude that usually architecture has to it owns disciplinary understanding. 

Rosalyn Krauss and Yves-Alain Bois explore some of these concepts in “Formless”, Quote: “Although it has been over sixty years since Georges Bataille undertook his philosophical development of the term informe, only in recent years has the idea of the “formless” been deployed in the theorizing and reconfiguring of the field of twentieth-century art. This is partly because that field has most often been crudely set up as a battle between form and content; “formless” constitutes a third term standing outside that opposition, outside the binary thinking that is itself formal.”

The studio will explore, through very precise digital techniques, multiple ontologies through stitching of architecture pieces and different level of motion mutation, puffiness and variation.

Distorted form making, animations, rendering, biosynthetic replacements, will serve an Aesthetic technique catalogue for the production of architecture design.

This proposal produces a massive scale “pop up” preforming arena in the tradition of the “tiatro del mundo” of Aldo Rossi or “Pavilion 21 mini opera space” by Coop Himmelblau”.