Presencing Perception

a visual studies course by Coy Howard

This seminar was constructed of four parts.  The first three sections were about mastering three schools of photography: The Trivial Familiar, Transient Presence, and Decisive Moment. The fourth section was a video composition containing one or all of the themes explored during the weeks of the photography.  

The Trivial Familiar photographs an object with intentions to  give the object a sense of universality / bigger-than-life quality.

Transient Presence photographs attempt to capture a higher being or ghostly presence in a photograph of an unassuming situation or context.

Decisive Moment photograph captures a moment where a story full of depth can be unraveled through the photograph.

The video titled “Bottles” is an attempt to defamiliarize a familiar object (a bottle) and create  a new narrative and visual perception of the object.