Skin; Hides; Mass

[2016 SCI-Arc Graduate Thesis]

[Advised by Hernan Diaz Alonso]

Skin and Mass are inseperable, but their logics operate in completely different ways. Mass creates inhabitable space, program, and most important form; skins excess, accent, and elaborate. Skins operate on a cosmetic level as manipulation of mass dig deep to mutate form. Operating almost exclusively on a surface level layering of furry [hyper-textural] skins work to transform mass into a new project. Maybe the comparison of a toupee changing the character of a face or figure into a new identity would be appropriate here, or one extravagant fur coat turning a human body into animal form would be the best comparison. Embracing the power of the architectural skin to mutate and transform; layers are overlaid in excessive manner to empower the architecural skin as form making mechanism. Mass and skin become separable; what’s underneath is made beautiful; and the skin hides become the new form [or mass].